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Youngblood Art Studio Mission

Youngblood Art Studio is a place for creation and self-discovery through art. We practice mindfulness, compassion and a multitude of techniques to access the unconscious mind in order to strengthen connection, creativity and mental health.

The Studio is where Lilla Matheson Ohrstrom makes her art. She has been a practicing artist for 30 years, and today, most often works in mixed media with a preference for clay. Lilla enjoys sharing the creative spark with others and periodically opens The Studio to workshops and classes. Please join the email list to be notified when we have the new schedules.

Lilla’s passion for the creative arts led her to study art deeply at clinical, primal and spiritual levels. Today, she helps people of all ages and abilities to better understand themselves and solve problems through art making.

Youngblood Art Studio is proud to work in associate with A Place to Be, a music therapy organization.

Gallery exhibitions are occasions to celebrate art, the artist and those who are moved by art and what it has to say. The Gallery at Youngblood Art Studio shows the work of both up-and-coming and established artists. YAS enjoys its place in the larger art community and continues to host important shows, believing in the good that art imparts to the world.

Youngblood Art Studio

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