Hilde Vogel-Michalik


September 18, through October 16, 2016

In accordance with the mission of Youngblood Art Studio, which states its mission “to promote the arts in Community. YAS is a venue that supports healing through the arts. Self-understanding and connectedness to community and the world at large are integral to the values of Youngblood Art Studio.” Hilde Vogel-Michalik seems to have made her art for self-understanding and connectedness, and she connected to the world at large.

Hilde Vogel-Michalik born 1918 was an artist from Germany, who traveled the world and painted and created art, poetry and song throughout her life. Her intentional lack of giving titles to or promotion of her work indicates a very personal approach to her creations. She did these works for herself and friends. She was motivated by internal factors. It is in accordance with the YAS philosophy that art making has health benefits. We become healthy through connecting with ourselves, and others and through exercising creativity. Through her prolific discipline, looking internally, as Hilde clearly did, it is evident that this woman was an observer of both the world she saw with her eyes and the world within her imagination. The colors, shapes, brushwork and lines she uses demonstrate a thoughtful exploration of her heart and imagination. Her lack of words left about her work leaves the viewer to imagine what she may have been after. I imagine that she used these works to better understand herself and her surroundings. She calls them her “Jewels” or her ”songs”. We need not know her personally to resonate with her visual voice. These works are like listening to music. The shapes and lines have a rhythm and the melody becomes the viewers.

Further more the mission of Youngblood art studio claims that “At Youngblood Art Studio you may see the art of highly distinguished professional artists, emerging artists, children’s art, and artwork by artists of all ages who are exploring their senses through the creative process.” This is the first time that YAS has displayed posthumous work. It is of interest that Hilde Vogel-Michalik was reserved about displaying her work during her life, but can now be celebrated by community and appreciated for the fine artist she was, a distinguished professional. YAS holds the idea that in honoring one another we heal the world. This topic deserves a deeper exploration in connection to Hilde’s exit from Germany and life changes during WWII.

YAS is honored to promote the work of Hilde Vogel-Michalik, holding her as an example of a woman who lived artfully, who used her art making for self understanding and who had personal connection to the greater world. She studied painting with Professor Joseph Urbach at the Folkwang School of Art. In the early 1920s, her teacher had been a member of Das Junge Rheinland along with Otto Dix and Max Ernst, later labeled as degenerative artists under the Nazi regime.

Hilde’s work was donated to George Mason University, by her Husband Harold Vogel after her death in 1999. This show was made possible by George Mason University, and by Dianne Beal of The Blue Square Gallery.

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