Hill School Alumni Show

Em Sharp Inspired Sculpture Event

Reception with the Artists
Sunday, February 6, 2017
4 – 7 pm

At Youngblood Art Studio a small group of selected Hill school Alumni came with their Hill School offspring to create figures in the style of Em Sharp.

Em taught at Hill from 1961–1971 and then again 19781983. She was named one of the 8 members of our Faculty Emeriti Group in 1987.

Many of us were inspired by her as youngsters, and she made a huge impact on me. She visited my kindergarten class, Which was taught by Molly Spencer, and she showed us how to make pinch pots out of clay. I was hooked. I’m not the only one. In the work shop were Stormy Stokes Hood with her son Peter, Cathy Hartley with daughter Campbell, Anne du Pont Westbrook with Bettina, and Philip Dudley with Thomas and Forbes. Philip won the Hill School Art Award many years ago, his tribute to Em Sharp was the most true to her originals. I was also there with Delilah and Georgina. Cathy brought an Em Sharp original Monk figure, and I taught the technique Miss Em taught to make them.

Everybody put their own take on it. We had so much fun. It was a very happy day at the studio with some reminiscing and jokes about these figures. Em had a great sense of humor and she fitted her folk figures with all their anatomical parts. We had to glaze in a few different groups as we had trouble meeting at the same time, but each time had its own specialness and each glaze group was a pleasure for all involved. This was significant because we took the time to be together and to honor somebody who had mattered to each of us. Also we were able to pass this on to our children. Significant to the Hill school is the spirit of community. In the workshop we brought together mixed ages of parents and children, and we found a common bond that sparked joy in all. For some of these parents it was there first time back in clay since the Hill school experience.

Of course all their kids were experts. The cool thing is that working in clay is a bit like riding a bike you can easily return to the practice even if years pass without having done it. I hope all the parents and children will continue using their creative spark in ways they find satisfying.


Alumni Sculptures in progress.

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