Victor Razgulin | Paintings from Russia

Double Portrait, 2001
Winter Landscape 2004
oil on canvas
60 x 35 cm.

February 4 through March 4, 2017

Reception with the Artist
Sunday, February 26, 2017
4 – 7 pm

Victor Razgulin was born in 1948 in the ancient Russian town of Gorodets. He began showing his artwork at the age of 18 and then attended Serov Art College in St. Petersburg, Russia.

His paintings are inspired by the beautiful Russian landscapes and the most intimate of spaces of his familial home.

“His compelling landscapes and interiors reflect his extensive travels throughout Russia, Central Asia, Europe, and the United States. These paintings are expressive, successful compositions of color and subject. Razgulin is a master of translating folk and naïve images of his beloved Russia into delectable, sophisticated paintings. The jewel-toned palette, the geometric patterns and painterly surfaces merge with the subjects to express the artist’s perspective and understanding of our world.” —Artist’s Proof Art Consultancy

Bouquet 4, 2012, 30x40 cm, g:p
Razgulin_Lilla's Bouquet2017_o/c_29x23.5in

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