Being in The Now With Support!

Tuesdays March 17, 24, 31 April 7
online 5:00-7:00  Soulcollage®
$120 for all four classes
The first online session will be an assessment of materials that each may have in your home and what you may need to order, a general overview of what SoulCollage® is, and an opportunity to share cards you may already have made as well as intentions for participation in this online workshop.
We will also make some image selections and begin the card making process.
The second session we will dive into card making and sharing the cards we make. Each session we will share experience, hope, and strength, and use the cards we make to deepen our insights.
Please bring a minimum of three magazines with images to the first day and scissors and glue sticks will be helpful, as well as card stock.
You can use large index cards if you do not have precut SoulCollage® cards.
For questions and registration, contact Lilla at (540) 518 0172, or email
Lilla Ohrstrom
Lilla Matheson Ohrstrom, MA, ATR-P, is an Art Therapist and Multi-Media Artist and Meditation Practitioner. Lilla has a masters degree from the George Washington University and certifications in a number of practices in the healing arts.

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