Explore your 2019 journey through a continuing art-based adult workshop, which offers nurturing ways for your soul to blossom.

You do not have to be an artist to participate, just willing to try something new.
This workshop is open to anybody who wants to work in clay and create direction for their 2019 year.

We will meet four times over the course of one year to support your journey.

The intent of the work is to help people define their goals for the year and sort out how to reach for their dreams. To these ends, we will do several projects using clay and collage materials, not necessarily together. Tuning into self-awareness we'll ask important questions like ...

Where am I now?
Who am I?
Where am going?
How am I going to get there?
What am I leaving behind in 2018? (ie, anger, stress, old habit, relationship, etc)
What do I want to hold onto in the new year?
What do I need right now in my life?
What space am I creating in my life?

We will envision through meditation and create, in clay sculptures, your life goals in areas of relationship and love, work, play, and health. Meditation and art-making allow recognition of metaphors that come from your unconscious mind. You will have support in recognizing your true journey.

The quarterly meetings are designed to keep you on track and to develop your practice.

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